Vindicating the Villianized

Their Narrative

— High Crime, Poor, Broken
— Brownsville has highest concentration of public housing in the nation
— A recent report tabled Brownsville one of the “riskiest” neighborhoods in NYC to raise children
— Brownsville is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC
— Nothing good comes out of Brownsville

Our Narrative

— Black is Beautiful, Empowerment, Renaissance
— Brownsville has a rich, diverse history
— Brownsville is one of the last remaining nearly all black and latino neighborhoods in NYC
— The Brownsville identity is one of strength, pride, and grit
— Brownsville is one of the most hopeful, resilient and loving neighborhoods in NYC
— Good happens everyday in Brownsville
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If you want to dispossess a people, the simplest way to do it is to tell their story, and to start with, “secondly”
Mourid Barghouti - Palestinian Writer/Poet

The Danger of a Single Story