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The Brownsvillain Project

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The Vision

You know how the saying goes,

Brownsville, Never Ran, and you know we Never Will..

Brownsvillain is a platform that amplifies the voices of residents and community advocates through storytelling. For too long, residents have been labeled as “villains” and the overexposure of negative images and negative coverage perpetuate stereotypes that do little to encourage or inspire.

In reality, the story of Brownsville and many communities like it, is multifaceted—filled with
great lessons of strength, triumph and perseverance! The goal of The Brownsvillain Project, is not to simply change the narrative of Brownsville but to take it back by empowering current residents to share their stories of life, struggle, success, growth, hope, change, strength, resilience etc.

There is so much beauty in Brownsville! The blog and docu-short web-series tell the history of the community. It highlights the beauty, talent and hard work of residents, community organizations, leaders, business owners, youth and advocates.

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